Learn to ski

by Lasse Lyck

Here is a series of good ski lesson videos I came across
"The way to better skiing" Learn how to ski through 11 professional teaching videos. Six of the best Danish ski instructors shows skiing for all levels in all conditions. Lasse Lyck, Klavs Klavsen, Rasmus Lundby, Tue Bak, Martin Hulten and Pernille Hornhaver.


Chapter 1 - Philosophy of Skiing




Chapter 2 - The Dynamic Basic Position




Chapter 3 - Basic Movements




Chapter 4 - From Wedge to Parallel Skiing




Chapter 5 - From Blue to Red Terrain




Chapter 6 - The Fundamentals of Carving




Chapter 7 - Short Turns




Chapter 8 - Fun Carving




Chapter 9 - Bumps and Powder




Chapter 10 - The Barriers of Skiing